A gadabout and bounder


A 6’1", 185 pound human, Standford is a 25 year old gadabout and bounder. A swashbuckler with a fantastic sense of fashion, whiles he’s impulsive and lecherous and he won’t hesitate to sleep with another man’s wife, he always follows his strict code of conduct, and will never knowingly harm an innocent.

ST: 11 DX: 13 IQ: 11 HT: 12 HP: 11 Will: 11 Per: 11 FP: 12 Basic Lift: 24 Basic Speed: 6.25 Damage: Thr 1d-1 Sw 1d+1 Basic Move: 6

Languages: Anglish (accented), Aralaise (native) TL: 4 Cultural Familiarities: Megalos (native) XP Earned: 3 Unspent: 3


Stampford travelled well, but was executed in Sahud after making lewd gestures to the HeavenKing


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