A knight who became a sailor


A 6’2", 225 pound human, Shamus is a 30 year old mercenary turned knight. While in Baron Lovecraft’s service, the Baron recognized the loyal nature of this honor bound mercenary with no title and knighted him after actions in the Baron’s service. The Baron, concerned for the welfare of his beloved brother, Kuranes Lovecraft , sent Shamus to serve him. Upon meeting the ur-Baron , Shamus life was immediately saved by him and a personal bond of honor tied him even tighter to this family and the Magus, ur-Baron Kuranes Lovecraft .

ST: 13 DX: 13 IQ: 10 HT: 12 HP: 13 Will: 10 Per: 10 FP: 12 Basic Lift: 34 Basic Speed: 6.25 Damage: Thr 1d Sw 2d-1 Basic Move: 6

Languages: Anglish (native) Cultural Familiarities: Christian (native) TL: 3 XP Earned: 5 Unspent: 5


The knight who saved the life of Kuranes Lovecraft in Sahud, and served him loyally. After serving Kuranes Lovecraft he served the 1 year and 1 day sentence in Sahud near to him, becoming an expert in the Katana. After that, he served with Kuranes Lovecraft on board the ship the Je T’aime. On board he became an expert rapier wielder.

He requested release from the service of Kuranes Lovecraft, which was granted. He left for the city of Sauvons and has not been heard of since.


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