Scarlett Burgandy

Suddenly the Third in line to the Throne of Megalos


ST: 9 DX: 10 IQ: 13 HT: 11 HP: 10 Will: 13 Per: 13 FP: 11 Basic Lift: 16 Basic Speed: 5.25 Damage: Thr: 1d-2 Sw 1d-1 Basic Move: 5

Languages: Anglish (navtive) TL: 3 XP Earned: 3 Unspent: 3


A 5’4", 117 pound human, Scarlett Burgandy was just an 18 year old minor noble, when due to what appears to be a series of assassinations in the Royal Family she has suddenly found herself Third in Line to the Imperial Throne of Megalos.

Scarlett Burgandy

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