Kuranes Lovecraft

A mage abused by his companions, imprisoned then shanghaied - he may have finally found a home


ST: 10 DX: 10 IQ: 14 HT: 10 HP: 10 Will: 14 Per: 14 FP: 10 Basic Lift: 20 Basic Speed: 5 Damage: Thr 1d-2 Sw 1d Basic Move: 5

Languages: Anglish (native), Arabic (broken), Elvish (accented) TL: 3


A 6’, 170 pound human and only brother and heir to the Barony of Lovecraft, the ur-Baron Kuranes Lovecraft spent his youth learning to become a Magus. His innate skill soon became apparent and a Magus Duel for his instruction ensued when he reached eleven, the age of manhood, when all begin their service to The Emperor . After his noteworthy apprenticeship the likeable Magus drifted from area to area, finally being placed to serve as ur-Baron in the city of Quartedec . There he established himself as an affable if disinterested member of the local nobility. He looks forward to the day when his brother sires an heir and the ur-Barony will move to the youngest heir.

Then everything went completely to fucking Hell.

Kuranes Lovecraft

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