Argon Nimblefingers V

Rich halfling with no filter, at all... seriously.


ST: 7 DX: 14 IQ: 10 HT: 9 HP: 8 Will: 10 Per: 10 FP: 9 Basic Lift: 9.8 Basic Speed: 5.75 Damage: Thr 1d-3 Sw 1d-2 Basic Move: 4

Languages: Anglish (accented), Aralaise (accented), Arabic (accented), Balish (accented), Dwarvish (accented), Elvish (accented), Gnomish (accented), Goblin (accented), Halfling (native), Norse (accented), Ogerish (accented), Orcish (accented), Sahudese (accented) TL: 3 XP Earned; 5 Unspent: 5


A 4’8", 120 pound halfling, Argon Nimblefingers V is the Trustee of the great Nimblefingers fortune. As the legend goes, the fortune was brought to Yrth in a Banestorm along with the famous adventurer, Agron Nimblefingers III . After Agron Nimblefingers III death, the Fortune was passed along to his son, Argon Nimblefingers IV , who grew the fortune into a massive mercantile empire; acting as a trusted middleman throughout the Dwarven holdings of Zarak and the Whitehood Mountains. Argon Nimblefingers IV grew the fortune exponentially while raising his son Argon Nimblefingers V all throughout the world. Argon Nimblefingers IV decided to embark on a massive mercantile enterprise which would attempt to deal with Dwarves rumored to be working in The Orc Lands . At that time Argon Nimblefingers V was made trustee of the Fortune and became the defacto head of the Nimblefingers Mercantile Empire. Argon Nimblefingers V does not have the love of trade that this father did, nor the love of adventuring of his famous grandfather. Instead, he lived a comfortable life, not paying much attention to the ins and outs of the Great Endeavor (as his grandfather perceived the setting up of a halfling mercantile empire to be.)

Argon Nimblefingers V

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