Banestorm - Through the Fire

Tredroy, the City of Three Laws

Tredroy, I choose, Tredroy, the City of Three Laws. The captain of our fine vessel gave me one of the few choices I’ve had in the past four years and the most cosmopolitan city in all of known Yrth is where I go.

The city has changed hands many times throughout its history and now is sliced between three nations; Cardiel, Al-Wazif, and Al-Haz. I’m looking forward to putting my Arabic to good use.

As we come into port, I can see strange temples with spires topped with golden onions. Strange prayers waft across the concave shores of these two vast rivers which split this city like a pie for a hungry triumvirate. The salty smell in my nose is replaced with rich incense and unknown spices.

I spend the bulk of my time scribing the air spells which were taught to me. Another mage replaces me and kindly uncovers what I later discover is magus imposter trying to swindle me of either my money or my knowledge.

I am paid, quite handsomely, for my two years of service on the sea. I find an inn with the finest bed I’ve laid in in four long years.



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