Banestorm - Through the Fire

Perhpas an Elven Body?

Tredroy is a city full of wonders. In only this city of Yrth will you find Christian Goblins bartering over the price of silks imported from the Buddhist Half-Orcs of Sahud.

In this new form of Abdul-Malik, I’ve dug many a grave for many a species. It took me a week to dig a grave for a wealthy giant who died peacefully in his sleep. Kobolds are considered animals here, so they get thrown into a mass grave which rots outside the city.

One species though, escapes death’s embrace. The Elves. They are few and far between in Tredroy, but I’ve seen them here and there over the years. At the university, I’ve met several students of the elven race. Beautiful all, both the men and women.

I may end up in an elven vessel some day if I can master these Com-Emp spells. Such a very different college than necromancy.



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