Banestorm - Through the Fire

Corpse Monger be Me!

Corpses, corpses, corpses. Everyone wants corpses.

I must be brief, as I have much work to do and many orders to fulfill. I’m not sure whether I’m working at cross purposes, but I don’t really care as there is money to be made in both instances.

First things first, our esteemed Alfaisarian is a golemphile and the one trophy he has not in his collection is one of flesh. I am unaware of the consequences of such magics here in Tredroy, but again, I care not. I’m guaranteed the teaching I need to learn the secrets of soul transfer, so my motivation is strong. Aside from the century of bodies, he also has a dearly deceased friend whose body must be recovered, and he trusts me to obtain said corpse. This dear friend was named Baron LeSard and his corpse is being guarded in his tower in North Tredroy. Here the journey shall begin.

Next, it seems “The Weasel” is brokering for bodies as well. His client wants them delivered to a ship, where upon delivery, I’ll get paid a cool seven hundred and fifty coins.

Finally, where do I procure so many bodies? Seems as though I’ll need to start a war in town of some sort. Perhaps I can enlist the Hospitallers as those right wing nuts are always quick to violence.



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