Banestorm - Through the Fire

Baron LeSard's Tower

Or... "How to Get Fireballed While Taking a Nap"

Overconfidence is definitely a disadvantage when it comes to making the proper choices in a wizard’s tower. Needless to say, I’m very glad healing spells restore singed hair.

I found myself in this tower as an errand for the Guildmaster of the Mages Guild. You know, the man with the pointy wizard’s hat. His friend, Baron LeSard seemed to have passed and because of magical protections (see zombies) a confirmation of the Baron’s death could not be procured.

The tower was filled with zombies easily turned, but I grew rather weary from my full day and my spellcasting. Overconfidently, I laid down in the Baron’s bed and was horribly awakened to a fireball which nearly killed me. I lost consciousness only briefly and because of my magically enhanced intellect, I was able to gain my wits and heal myself.

It was then, the spirit of the Baron appeared to me. I conversed with him about my employer, the Guildmaster, satisfying him I was not one of the many thieves who had been sent to ransack his home. He then “passed” into the afterlife and left his magical fireball shillelagh. Along with his passing he said I should go to Umagazur and “The staff belongs to Al-Wazif to the Caliph not to them. The password is….” and then some unintelligible sounds or words. I felt as though this was burned in my brain only to be activated once I found this “Umagazur.”

The place now seemed quiet and safe, the zombies all put to rest with the dissipation of LeSard’s magic. I then went from room to room looking for items I could use. I did find the Baron’s body in which a knife shaped like a tooth of a large snake was imbedded in his back.

1st floor
Saffron & Spices
Two snake fang knives

Books on History
Books on Magic
Books on Necromancy

Chance that I can learn the base philosophy to any school…

Tons of components
Dragon’s Eye
Phoenix Feather
Unicorn’s Tail

Writing material – inks & papers
Five blank books of high quality and a ring of unknown magical significance.
I enlisted the aid of Castini and we filled up a cart with these valuables. I then went to the Guildmaster and turned over the shillelagh, an act which surprised him. I’m not a thief. I did mention the other items and he thought their confiscation would not be inappropriate. I must remember to declare them for taxation purposes.

He had apparently no knowledge of this Umagazur place.

I was then invited to the funeral where I met his children and grandchildren. They apparently knew I was the one who found the body and were grateful for my assistance.

Good deeds done!



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